Refund and Cancellation Policy

The following policy relates to refunds and cancellations of orders placed on (the "Website"). Please read this policy carefully since this will govern all your claims for refund and cancellation for orders placed on the Website.

In this policy, unless the contrary intention appears, certain terms used in this policy shall mean as follows:

"You" including your, yours, etc., shall refer to the Client as registered on the Website.

"Cancellation" of an Order shall refer a scenario, as described in this policy, where an Order cannot be fulfilled, and may result in Refund.

"Order" shall refer to a purchase made on the Website which has been assigned a Job/Ticket Number.

"Refund" against an Order shall refer to return of purchase amount paid by You while placing an Order.

"Us" including we, our, etc., shall refer to the Company, Meeturpro E Ventures Private Limited.

Cancellation of Orders

We understand that there may be a scenario wherein cancelling an Order is the only possible solution. Cancellation of Orders therefore shall be based on the following scenarios by writing to us:

  • You have chosen the wrong product
    In order to ensure that this scenario does not occur, we have provided a description of the product along with its suitability and information that you ought to know under "Did you know?" Despite our best efforts, we foresee scenarios where a product may be incorrectly purchased. You may choose to cancel an Order if it has been incorrectly purchased by You. However, to avoid this, You may reach out to us via e-mail or chat on the Website so that we may direct You to the product that will best suit your requirements. Please note that your Order shall not be cancelled if You have purchased it based on our advise.

    Please also note that You shall intimate Us of choosing the incorrect product within 2 working days of placing the Order. Further, You shall not be able to cancel the Order if You have submitted the filled-in form pertaining to your Order.

  • Professional is unable to take on the Order
    There may be times when the Professional You choose is unable to fulfill your Order owing to other assignment commitments which preclude him performing to the best of his ability for your Order. If this scenario occurs, You shall intimate us and we will provide You with a second Professional who may have qualifications identical or similar to the Professional whom You initially chose. Should such a second Professional not be available, we will take in your request to cancel the Order.

Please note that You are required to intimate Us of the Professional's unavailability within 2 working days of placing an Order. Should we not receive such intimation, we shall assume that the Professional you have chosen would be providing You the services you ordered.

Refund against Orders

We strive to ensure that your money is valuably spent and your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Refund of your money against an Order shall be made in the following scenarios:

  • You have chosen the wrong product
    If you have placed an Order for a product that does not suit your requirements, we will refund your money. However, please note that you are not eligible for refund if you seek a consultation from us before placing an Order.

  • Professional is unable to take on the Order In the event that the second Professional is not available, we will refund your money. However, please note that if the second Professional is available and You choose not to receive such second Professional's services, You will not be eligible for a refund.

    You will also not be eligible for refund if You choose to wait for receiving the services of the Professional chosen by You, without intimating Us.

  • Professional's services are not satisfactory
    We do our best to ensure that the empanelled professionals follow the best standards in the industry. Should you have any complaints regarding the quality of services rendered by a Professional, please write to us.

    We will have our in-house Quality Control Team (QCT) review the services of the Professional. Please note that if the QCT finds that the Professional's services are not of the industry's standards, You will be eligible for refund. In any event, the decision of the QCT is final.

Refund payments processing

Please note that all refunds shall be made only upon a refund request made by You in accordance with this policy. The refunds shall be subject to deductions of applicable bank charges and shall be made to the bank account from which the payment was made.

Please note further that the time taken for processing a refund shall be subject to the processing time taken by the banks supporting the payment gateways. The time taken therefore may be 10 days or more depending on such banks. We will strive to intimate you of this timeline when You place a request for Refund with Us.

Write to us

In the event of Cancellation of an Order or Refund against an Order based on the scenarios mentioned in this Policy, please write to us at [email protected] with appropriate subject such as "Seeking cancellation of Ticket Number ----" or " Seeking refund against Ticket Number ----". One of our personnel will get in touch with You to provide a suitable solution.

Reservation of Rights

Please note that all cancellations refunds made shall be in accordance with this policy. We reserve the right to amend or modify this policy at any time at our sole discretion. We will keep you informed of any major changes that may affect your rights in this policy.

Please note that your continued use of the Website and its services signifies your assent and confirmation to the terms of this policy. This policy shall be read in conjunction with the terms of use, privacy policy and other terms that bind You as a Client.